Mitsubishi CP-M1A Printer

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Brand: Mitsubishi
Product Code: MEPM1

The Mitsubishi CP-M1A photo printer as a high Capacity printer capable of printing 750 4x6 prints from a single roll of media, making it a perfect candidate for stationery photo booths as well as anywhere a large capacity printer is needed.
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Mitsubishi CP-M1A Hi-Capacity and Easy To Use Dye-Sub Photo Booth Printer

The CP-M1A Mitsubishi Electric’s Photo Printer delivers exceptional print quality, a printing volume up to 750 prints (4×6″) and a new quick and easy media loading design. The  result is a very powerful printer model, saving time and operational costs.


Product Feature Highlights: 

  • User-Friendly Design – Quick and Easy Media Reload
  • Multiple Print Sizes: 2x6, 3.5x5 (with 5x7 Media), 4×6, 5x7, 5x5, 6x6 (with 6x8 Media) and 6x8
  • High-Definition Photographs with Brilliant Color Quality
  • Captures Extreme Details in Bright and Dark Prints
  • Prints in Glossy and Matte Finish


User-Friendly Media Replacement
New pre-assembled ink ribbon and print paper design comes is ready for immediate loading right out of the box! Just drop it in for a quick and easy loading or media replacement. Reducing media reloading time and overall operation cost.

Exceptional Print Quality
Designed with Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary print-head control engine & image processing algorithms, the CP-M1A prints high definition photos and delivers superior color depth and extremely detailed output in bright and dark prints.

High-Capacity Printing
Made for high-capacity and high-volume printing, up to 750 (4×6) photos. Reduces media reloading, saving time and overall operational cost.

Dust-Resistant Design
Optimal cooling design with separate airflow for power circuit and thermal print head. Positive air pressure prevents dust particles from entering the print engine. The CP-M1A’s dust resistant architecture minimizes operational and printing issues caused by a dusty environment – perfect for photo booths.

Support Multiple Print Sizes
Prints 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7, 5x5, 6x6 and 6x8 photos.

CK-M46S: Prints 4×6 (750 prints),
CK-M57S: Prints 3.5×5 (800 prints), 5×7 (400 prints)
CK-M68S: Prints 4×6 (750 prints), 6×8 (375 prints)
Thickness: approx. 210μm




Print Method:Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Resolution:300 DPI
Print Speed:3.5 x 5" 11.1 sec
4 x 6" 12 sec
5 x 7" 20.8 sec
6 x 8" 22.5 sec
Printing Area:Edge-to-edge
Gradations:256 per color, 16.7 million colors
Interface:USB 2.0
Driver Software:

Windows 7/8/10

Weight:Approx. 30.9 lbs
Power Supply:AC 120 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:4.A (120VAC 50/60Hz), 2.A (220-240VAC 50/60Hz)